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Join me on a Cosmic Journey where the universe aligns to heal your mind, body, and soul. Our story begins with a deep understanding of the human energy field and a passion to guide you towards inner harmony and wellness.

Teja Priyadarshini

Meet Teja Priyadarshini

Founder & Soul Alchemist

After more than 15 years in the media, Teja Priyadarshini, a seasoned professional, had a deep realisation about her untapped spiritual gifts. Putting her successful profession aside, she felt a strong calling to use her natural healing skills to help people who are struggling with trauma, sadness, stress, or a sense of being stuck. Teja trained and certified herself in a wide range of healing modalities, such as QHHT, Beyond Quantum Hypnosis, Akashic Records, Access Consciousness Bars, Channelling, Spirit Communication, Spirit Release Techniques, Tarot and many more, to make sure that she gave her best to every client who sought her help. Her sessions are enhanced with great wisdom and insight by a guiding team of Light Beings that she is connected to and who channel through her from the Akashic Records. Teja also channels the potent energies of the Goddesses, Durga and Ma Kali, during her healing sessions as needed, bringing a unique and deeply spiritual dimension to her work.


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Uncover the timeless wisdom and guidance tailored to steer your spiritual and life journey.

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Catia, Portugal

I'm always looking forward to connecting with anyone who wants to grow spiritually. 

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