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Trancendental Healing Therapy

Dive into a healing experience that transcends the ordinary, rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit.

Trancendental Healing Therapy

Transcendental Healing Therapy (THT) is an integrative approach that combines elements of Quantum Hypnosis, Energy Healing, and Intuitive Guidance, to facilitate deep spiritual, emotional & physical healing. This therapy is particularly effective for individuals seeking relief from long term stress, emotional blockages, physical discomfort, and those who are on a quest for spiritual growth and transformation.

How It Works ?

Duration: 4 Weeks

No Of Session : 4

Duration Of Each Session : 4hrs/Session

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What Happens During THT?

  • Removes any energetic attachments or blocks coming from this lifetime and all other lifetimes.

  • It answers all kinds of questions related to your life and provides solutions.

  • You can contact your Super Consciousness to give you healing for your emotional and physical problems.

  • It shifts the energy within you, allowing you to become consciously more aware of who you truly are.

  • You can add or remove certain qualities or abilities from your Soul's Blueprint in the Template Station.

  • It helps you realise you are always being guided and loved unconditionally.

  • You can find out what the purpose of your life is, and how you can make it better.

What You Can Expect ?

  • Connect With Your Super Consciousness To Receive Healing and Answers

  • Change Your Soul's Blueprint.

  • Understand Your Soul Purpose.

  • Step-by-step Guide To Creating A Better Life.

  • Understand Your Karmic Lessons & Release Yourself from Troubled Lifetimes.

  • Helps heal emotional, physical and spiritual issues.

  • Continued Healing Every Time You Listen To The Recording.

  • Release Entity Attachments & Chakra Blocks.

  • Heal Past Traumas & Fears

  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs

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