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Akashic Records 

Uncover the timeless wisdom and guidance tailored to steer your spiritual and life journey.

Akashic Records

We offer profound insights into your life through the mystical realm of the Akashic Records. Our skilled readers help you navigate this spiritual archive, which contains the emotions, experiences, and journeys of your soul's past, present, and future. Discover deeper understanding and guidance that can illuminate your life path.

How It Works ?

Duration: 45 mins or 90 mins

No Of Session : 1

No. Of Questions - 4 or 7

What Can Akashic Records do?

  • Validations or Confirmations

  • Clarity of Direction

  • Purpose of Life

  • Advice or Guidance regarding Relationship, Work, Business, Legal Disputes, etc.

  • Spiritual Advice & Guidance 

  • Answers to an inexplicable incident that may have happened or reoccurring dreams that seem bizarre. 

  • Messages from Loved Ones who may have passed over.

  • Future Possibilities

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